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Susan O’Halloran

Race Equity Speaker and Story Artist


Let one of America’s top speakers and
storytellers empower your staff at your next event!

We are living in extraordinary times. We have an
opportunity to make real progress toward racial
equity and to propel our country
towards its highest ideals.

Are you part of this civic awakening? Your employees,
your clients and customers, your community
have their eyes on you.

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Erika Walker Thomas

Walker Thomas Group

Sue’s professionalism and commitment to client satisfaction makes your job easier. Her depth of knowledge makes complicated racial issues easy to understand. She peels back the layers of how we got to where we are, so we can get to where we want to be.

Laurie L Krachmer

Diversity and Inclusion Manager

It was a pleasure to partner with Sue… on a serious and potentially divisive topic. Sue is a caring professional and skilled facilitator, managing content and audience with both balance and respect.

Linda Barner

Former Vice-President of Multicultural Affairs, Key Bank

Your presentation helped us discover how the ways we think and communicate may be harmful to others without even knowing it and, more importantly, how to put an end to it. No one else could have handled all you did at our event. You were the easiest speaker to work with. I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

Susan O’Halloran

Are you the one who is responsible to bring in speakers to talk about
race and other diversity issues in strong and authentic ways without dividing your workforce?

Is your organization ready to strengthen its commitment to diversity,
racial equity and inclusion but needs support to talk about difficult subjects openly and honestly?

Is your workplace unsure of how to seek and implement real solutions?

Sue O’Halloran is a speaker, seminar leader and social justice story
artist who has worked in the issues of diversity and race for
over 40 years. Sue builds bridges that bring people together!

Featured In ...


Sue is featured in the book Restoring the Soul to Education: Equity Closes the Achievement Gap by Ayala, Young and Kilgore in her chapter on creating Culturally Relevant Curriculum.


Sue was producer/director of over 250 videos by professional storytellers dealing with race and cultural understanding.

This site received over half a million visitors each year.

Best-Selling Books


A Note From Sue

The work is never done, but you and your organization can keep moving forward.

Sue’s presentations will support you and your colleagues to:

  • Understand the racial unrest we are currently experiencing

  • Uncover how injustices of the past may be unintentionally showing up in your workplace today

  • Recognize the difference between equality and equity

  • Foster a culture that acknowledges your employees’ pain and strengths

  • Eradicate racial inequality by replacing guilt with a unity of vision and an effective, sustainable commitment to change

For those who are ready… let’s go deeper and see tangible results!

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Upcoming Public Events

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