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Workforce Inclusion

Are you the one who is responsible to bring in speakers to talk about
race and other diversity issues in strong and authentic ways without dividing your workforce?

Is your organization ready to strengthen its commitment to diversity,
racial equity and inclusion but needs support to talk about difficult subjects openly and honestly?

Is your workplace unsure of how to seek and implement real solutions?


The work is never done, but you and your organization can keep moving forward.

Sue’s presentations will support you and your colleagues to:

  • Understand the racial unrest we are currently experiencing

  • Uncover how injustices of the past may be unintentionally showing up in your workplace today

  • Recognize the difference between equality and equity

  • Foster a culture that acknowledges your employees’ pain and strengths

  • Eradicate racial inequality by replacing guilt with a unity of vision and an effective, sustainable commitment to change

For those who are ready… let’s go deeper and see tangible results!

Office Meeting

It is my great joy to design and facilitate keynote addresses, live seminars and online webinars that inspire people to work in ways that result in a focused, fulfilled and inclusive workforce. I feel strongly that businesses thrive when their people and clients feel valued and appreciated. Having a sense of belonging and fairness isn’t a “nice to have” but a “must have” for any organization to fulfill its mission.

When it comes to “race”, most of us received condensed, partial versions of history and, therefore, we lack understanding of the roots of our current racial tensions and inequities. From the beginning, a two-tier system of inequality was set up to give advantages to some and disadvantages to others. We were each born into this system of racial hierarchies.

Through no fault of our own and without our consent, we inherited this dual society along with its segregation, division and disparities. There is, indeed, much to be proud of, but we can’t change something we don’t see.

Why can’t we leave race in the past? Because it’s not over. Systemic Racism created and now maintains inequality in nearly every facet of life for communities of color.

I help organizations trace the direct line from past discriminations to their present-day work environment where they may be unintentionally excluding people in their workforce and community. I show them how to be “Color Brave” actively searching for and dismantling the discrimination in their company’s seemingly race neutral policies and practices. My emphasis is on responsibility, not guilt. Response-ability means able to respond. We are able to respond because now we see.

Our radically different experiences in and of this country can breed misunderstanding and mistrust. I believe memorable sessions can produce lasting results when we have fun as we learn. I use storytelling and other interactive tools to increase empathy and communication resulting in greater confidence within individuals and understanding and unity between colleagues.

Taking on this sometimes-difficult issue of race in the workplace results in greater, long-term corporate profitability and contributes to a more prosperous, just and viable society. By opening people to greater possibilities, I believe we can create a world that works for everyone!

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