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The Woman Who Lost Her Heart
by Sue O’Halloran and Susan Delattre


An original folktale for teens and adults set in the future. An over-busy, stressed-out woman discovers the importance of taking care of herself. A timely fable of healing in a woman’s search for her wounded heart.


“It’s superb! A lovely and powerful book. It reminds us of how important it is to welcome, wonder, and trust the child within us.”

- Jay O’Callahan, Award-winning Storyteller


“A marvelous read. A warm, wise fable illuminating what is most important in life and what is so often lost in our overly complex, overly functional world.”

- Ernie Larsen, Author and Lecturer


“Be prepared to be swept away! An exhilarating adventure whose compelling images and feelings speak directly to the hidden child in each of us. The authors have deftly blended entertainment and inner healing in a way that springs alive with new meaning each time the story is read.”

- Jim Morningstar, Ph.D, Director, Transformations, Inc.


“A parable of spiritual integration. What is most refreshing is the true voice of the storyteller, drawing us closer to the circle, taking care to surprise, to know us well, to see that we see.”

- Patrician Weaver Francisco, Author of the novel Cold Feet


“A story for the re-mything of the self. Encourages us to image, feel, intuit, and trust ourselves into a new and necessary way of being in the world. Recommended for anyone in the process of self-discover, uncovering and recovery.” - Karrol Butler, Licensed Psychologist

The Woman Who Lost Her Heart

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