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The Woman Who Found Her Voice

by Sue O’Halloran and Susan Delattre


Another original folktale for teens and adults – this one set in medieval times. A woman learns to deal with her grief and take a stand without creating enemies. This is a mystical story of “howling with the enemy” to find one’s true voice. 



“There are too few story books for adults that give an honest portrayal of the woman’s heroic journey. Beneath each turn of phrase in this artfully crafted parable reverberates the hard-won wisdom of women who have “run with the wolves” and returned to tell the tale. For any woman who has experienced the loss of her own true voice through grief, betrayal, or fear, this book is a gift.”

- Rebecca D. Armstrong, Director, The Joseph Campbell Society, Inc.


“Politics with soul… inner work in wolf’s clothing.. a morning story rather than a bedtime story. Rouses our hapless, hopeless selves to action.”

- Nora Hall, Author of Broodmates and Those Women


“For those who want to move into that deep place of letting go to find wisdom and wholeness, an inspiration and guide on the journey. It is a beautiful story… anyone interested in growth and the inner life would benefit from this book.”

- Janet O. Hagber, Author of Wrestling with Your Angels


“Such delicious reading! I found myself utterly enthralled… This enchanting story combines magic, healing, hope, and deep wisdom for the complex times we live in.”

- Gail Straub, Executive Director, Empowerment Training Programs

The Woman Who Found Her Voice

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