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The Enchanted Box

A Gift for Marriages in Every Season

Gender-Neutral – Perfect for Every Type of Wedding or Anniversary


What is the secret to keeping love alive? In this fairytale for adults, three married couples set out to discover “riches that will multiply day after day.” An old beggar woman’s mysterious words melt cold hearts as love returns through the simple act of giving thanks.

“The perfect gift for all kinds of weddings, anniversaries, and renewals of vows.” 
Krysta Kavenaugh, former Editor-in-Chief editor of Marriage Magazine


"The Enchanted Box holds the heart’s wisdom - a wedding gift to be read and reread in every season of love."

Gerald Fierst, storyteller, officiant, and author of The Heart of the Wedding, has been named to The Knot Hall of Fame

The Enchanted Box (Hard cover): A Gift for Marriages in Every Season

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