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Mothers and Other Wild Women at the Studio Theater in Florida*

Written and told by Sue O’Halloran

90 minutes


A rollicking journey through life’s comedies for men who love women and women who applaud men. Whether Sue is “dishing” about wayward sons or chain-smoking grandmas, you’ll find this one-woman show to be an uplifting celebration of the many roles women play and the friendships that sustain them.


Introduction – 5:00
Ma McHugh – 15:00
Good Mom/Bad Mom – 20:00
Take My Advice** - 5:00
City Girls (excerpt) – 25:00
Quotable Women Quiz - 5:00
Cancer, a Love Story – 20:00



The entire crew at The Studio Theater in The Villages, Florida:
Danielle Paccione, Director of Production; Nathaniel Niemi, Host; Lighting, Collin Hall; Sound, Luke Bezio, Clay Becker, Alison Scharvella; Stage Manager, Stephanie Bezio; Ushers; Marketing, Taylor Adkins

*The title of this show comes from the original three-person show that I performed with the most amazing storytellers, Beth Horner and Nancy Donoval. With their permission, I have used that same (beginning) title for this one-woman show.

** Thanks to the most fabulous singer/songwriter, Megon McDonough, who let me mess with the lyrics to her song, Take My Advice.


This show is dedicated to my Mom and mothers everywhere!

Mothers and Other Wild Women (Live at the Studio Theater)

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