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Dividing Lines: The Education of a Chicago White Girl in 10 Rounds

Written and told by Sue O’Halloran

70 minutes


Dividing Lines is about the sometimes quiet, always devastating, fight for housing played out in most every American city. Setting her own life stories within a larger historical and political backdrop, Sue creates a show which is about all of us - what we know and don't know about each other and why. The KKK, teenage exuberance, Martin Luther King, Jr., loving yet "racist" grandparents, and the Friday Night


Fights all make an appearance in this seventy-minute storytelling/theater presentation. This memorable performance helps make sense of "ghettos," segregation, and other contemporary racial conflicts and shows us how to plot a course for a different set of choices. It makes the drama of the American fight for "home" come alive with humor, compassion, metaphor, and unique staging.


1. Introduction – 5:29
2. Round 1 – 7:55
3. Round 2 – 4:33
4. Round 3 – 5:20
5. Round 4 – 4:11
6. Round 5 – 8:45
7. Round 6 – 3:17
8. Round 7 – 7:42
9. Round 8 – 7:51
10. Round 9 – 5:13
11. Round 10 – 16:00


Sponsored by The Chicago Province of the Society of the Divine Word
Executive Producer – Rev. Derek Simons S.V.D.
Writer/Performer – Susan O’Halloran
Editing/Directing – Loren Niemi, Beth Horner, and Nancy Donoval
Photographer/Graphic Designer – Chris Williams
Announcer/Copy Editor – La’Ron Williams
Recorded at Eko Media Design, Chicago

Dividing Lines: The Education of a Chicago White Girl in 10 Rounds

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