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Written and told by Sue O’Halloran

25 minutes


Set in high school in 1965, City Girls reveals the trials and tribulations of trying to fit in. It
demonstrates the endlessly creative ways people signal who’s “better than” or “less than”.
At their first-ever all-city, spiritual retreat, Sue and her teenage friends share laughs, and
family secrets, discuss a variety of taboos, and begin to find their voices of strength on
such diverse topics as religion, income, addictions, and race.


This recording was first sponsored by Angels Studio, The Chicago Province of the Society of the Divine Word
Executive Producer – Rev. Derek Simons S.V.D.
Writer/Performer – Susan O’Halloran
Story Editing – Beth Horner, Syd Lieberman and Nancy Donoval
Copy Editing – Nancy Engel
Recorded at Stuart Rosenberg Studios, Skokie, Illinois
© 2005 Susan O’Halloran
No portion of this story may be copied without permission

City Girls

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