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Brothers & Sisters: Friends and Foes – A Trio of Sibling Stories by Sue O’Halloran

Ages 8-12


Have you ever fought with a brother, a sister, or a best friend? Most of us have. But it’s good to know we don’t have to stay angry with each other. In the end, appreciation and kindness go a long way to mending fences.


Keep An Open Mind finds a little bird teaching a lesson that saves a family from being lost at sea. Because of the oldest sister’s open-mindedness, the family is rescued just in the nick of time.


In The Arguing Siblings, a brother and sister take their crops to market and bicker about who does the most work. In the end, they change their outlook by listening to unexpected exchanges from the cart they are driving, the road they are on, and even from the sun whose fury produced a drought.


A brother’s kindness wins him the title of chief of his clan in The True King. Unlike his twin who discounts others, the new chief sees that people want the best for their children and a chance to provide for themselves.


“Three stories parents and teachers will want to share with their elementary-age children.”

Brothers & Sisters: Friends and Foes – A Trio of Sibling Stories

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